Ana Cristiana began making customized items and started selling under the name Sweatshirt Nation on the Etsy Marketplace. The story of Gifty Global begins with passion for creativity and an acute need for making gifting easier. After researching and experimenting with many thousands of customers on Etsy, Ana realized that people love personalized or readymade wrapped and ribboned gifts.

The transition to Gifty Global is a big step, and with your support, the team will be able to provide you with stunning gifts that will make any recipient smile with joy.


The idea behind Gifty Global is simple: Create high-quality, balanced gifts and gift bundles that can be given with confidence. Most items are made in-house & crafted using the expertise of talented graphic designers and makers. We offer everyone luxurious, funny or unique gifts at an accessible price for all.


Once a month, we give away a
Gift Bundle of our choice to a randomly selected customer who signed up for our mailing list.

Every Sunday we release our newsletter featuring new items added to the shop, our most wanted restocks, our latest inspirations & latest trends in gifting industry. Coupons and discounts will be sent along with every newsletter. Make sure you are on the list.

Get in touch at any time for anything. Thank you.